Starcharge Meeting

A technical meeting took place at the Tora headquarters to strengthen our partnership with Starcharge’s senior service representatives. This session provided an opportunity to exchange valuable insights on enhancing Starcharge products for the most commonly used DC chargers across Turkey. We appreciate the valuable contributions from our guests and anticipate further collaboration.

Thanks to;

Stelie Wang , General Manager of International Service

Rohit Batra,  VP of Service

Tolgahan Günerhan, Business Development Manager Türkiye

Akif Taşçı, Field Application Engineer Türkiye

Emirhan Evren Dündar, Field Application Engineer Türkiye

TORA Şarj Mobil Uygulama
TORA Şarj Mobil Uygulama
TORA Şarj Mobil Uygulama


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